Working for Waders: Collaboration and cooperation in action

Existing on-the-ground actions that aim to help the recovery of waders

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This bar shows supporting information to help you to use this tool.

Please explore the map tool by clicking all the buttons, e.g. the display of the mini-maps to the right of the scale bar will switch to a different base map or image.

Get info about a project by clicking on one of the dots on the map. Scroll down the popup window to see more - click on the target species links to read more about a species on the BTO website.

Switch on or off a map layer by clicking on the eye in the legend box. Open out a layer to see sub-layers by clicking on the triangle to the left of the eye.

As you add a layer to the map additional copyright information is shown in the lower left margin of the map. If this is underlined then it is also a link to further information describing the layer.

You can use this map to get the coordinates of a point on the map: in the lower left of the map there is a square button, click on this to display Ordnance Survey coordinates as you move around the map. You can use this tool to copy the coordinates of a location into e.g. an email. After you click on the button to display coordinates a tag symbol appears to the right of the coordinates. This toggles between "Live mode" and "Capture mode". In live mode the coordinate is displayed as you move the cursor around your screen. Click on the tag symbol to change to capture mode, now you have to click on the map at the location for which you want a coordinate. This will place a black dot at the location and the coordinate will appear in the tool. Place your mouse cursor above these coordinates and a "document copy" icon will appear to the right of the coordinates, click on this and the coordinates will be copied to the clipboard. Type CTRL-V to paste these coordinates into a document or email. Click on the tag symbol to switch back to live mode or hide the coordinate tool to continue.

Please note that the map includes SNH data sourced directly from SNH.

In the layers menu the symbol to the right of a name shows that a map legend is available.

Some useful links such as the following could also go here: Click here to visit Working for Waders website Click here to visit the James Hutton website